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PADI Course VS SSI Courses : Dive Course with Go Dive Lanta, Krabi, THAILAND

PADI Course VS SSI Courses : Learn to dive on Ko Lanta, Krabi, THAILAND

Should I do PADI or SSI?

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the PADI and SSI open water SCUBA diving certifications?



If you're interested in getting your scuba diving certification so that you can dive in whatever sites you want around the world and so that you can gain the experience you need to become an advanced diver someday, There are actually a multitude of dive agencies that offer certification courses, most of which as non-divers you’re likely never to have heard of : BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, ANDI, TDI, SDI and more besides are all recognised and any dive centre regardless of affiliation will accept your certification. But most of the famaus one you've probably come across two schools that provide certifications: PADI and SSI. 


Being that there are two different schools claiming to provide you with exactly what you need, it may be a little confusing to figure out which one you should go with.


Continue reading to learn what the main differences are between PADI and SSI so that you can make the right decision for yourself.


Cost of the Certifications

Both SSI and PADI offer their students to start the practical portion of the scuba lessons via online learning so you can actually complete the theoretical part in front of your computer at home before you come. which will safe time and gives divers more time on your holiday to just dive. There is a review with your instructor in either case, so any concepts that need further explanation can be covered.


The difference here is : SSI’s online learning is free, whereas with PADI you will need to pay for access.


According to the training standards of SSI or Scuba Schools International student who enroll in SSI certification programs, SSI allows students to rental the manual during their course including FREE Online Training, You are welcome to purchase the specific manual SSI Training Materials. 


PADI, which stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, insists that all students purchase manuals to go along with their courses.


Recognition of Certifications

because they adhere to the standards set forth by the WRSTC, or World Recreational Scuba Training Council, you can rest assured that certifications from both SSI and PADI schools will be recognized wherever you go in the world.



PADI and SSI dive centers seem to have the advantage of being able to access a database of students and certifications online, so if you ever forget your qualification card while you're on a trip, you can rest assured that your PADI and SSI dive centre coordinator will be able to access your information when he or she seeks the proof that you're qualified to dive.


To check online your certification :

PADI : You can only check with PADI Dive Centre



Coursework Involved

In terms of actual coursework involved, both the PADI and SSI certification programs will give you all of the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful and safe diver. In fact, many people will tell you that the dive instructor, rather than the course itself, is the most important factor in terms of how much you learn and how well you learn the skills you need to be a scuba diver.


Overall, though, the courses teach the same information. Again, because both schools adhere to the guidelines set forth by the WRSTC, There are only very minor differences between a PADI and SSI certification program.


Just keep in mind that the actual names of the courses may be different between the two dive organization. For example, the PADI Advanced Open Water certification is the equivalent of the SSI Advanced Adventurer certification, not the SSI Advanced Open Water. Just be careful when signing up for the courses, especially if you're taking certain courses from one school and other courses from the other.


Flexibility in Teaching Methods

With regards to flexibility when it comes to teaching methods, SSI seems to allow its instructors to have more leeway when it comes to how they teach their students, whereas PADI courses tend to be more rigid. Therefore, SSI instructors have the ability to add a bit more personalized information to the course.



Ultimately, it’s more important that you have chosen the right dive centre and right instructor than the diving organization. If you have, then whether you choose PADI or SSI, you will be taught well — so don’t agonise, just dive in there and blow some bubbles!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are the certification cards of PADI and SSI recognized all over the world?

A: Yes, it doesn’t matter with which organization you have learned to dive. So if a PADI Open Water diver for example wants to dive with an SSI Dive center, that’s perfectly fine. This counts certification cards of all dive organizations.


Q: I have done my Open Water Diver course with PADI, can I do my Advanced Course with SSI or the other way around?

A: Yes, you can cross between PADI and SSI as much as you like for the recreational dive levels. Their levels are quite similar and certification of another dive organization is totally accepted. As noted all standards are set forth by the RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council).


Q: If I forgot to bring my certification card with me, will I still be able to dive?

A: Both PADI and SSI have an online system and since we are affiliated with both PADI and SSI, we will be able to look you up. If a dive center is not affiliated with the organization you have done your course with, they can contact them to see if you are in the system. A signed logbook also helps.


Q: If I forgot to bring my certification card with me and I don’t show up in the system, will I still be able to dive?

A: No, we, at Go Dive Lanta, need to see proof of certification before we take you on a dive, regardless of training agency or experience level.


Q: I want to do the PADI Open Water course with my family. Does everyone need to buy their own manual?

A: When doing PADI Courses – Yes, every student needs to purchase their own manual. Again, SSI does not require this – you are welcome to purchase manual.


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