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Diving Courses on Koh Lanta : Dive Course with Go Dive Lanta, Krabi, THAILAND

Diving Courses : Learn to dive on Ko Lanta, Krabi, THAILAND


Here at Go Dive Lanta we pride ourselves with teaching high quality SSI dive courses & PADI diving courses, with experienced SSI dive Instructors and PADI Instructors and great ratio’s of Instructor to Students. We don’t just teach you to pass a course, we teach you to dive and understand the environment you are going into.


Question is : 

What are The Differences Between PADI dive course and SSI dive courses? 

Please find more detail here.


We offer a full range of Dive Courses from Beginner to professional levels. Entry level courses are designed for people who have never dived before. They range from a 1 day experience, to a full license valid world wide.


Why should I learn to dive with Go Dive Lanta?

  • Small groups : the maximum group size for our courses is 4 people per instructor

  • Everyday can start course

  • Relaxed pace : we rather take a bit more time than rush you through the course

  • Great diving : you get to do your training dives on the best dive sites in THAILAND

  • Quality equipment : our equipment is well maintained and serviced each year

  • Your safety always comes first with us


All our Dive Courses follow international training standards. Our Scuba Diving Course training facilities are centrally located in the heart of Koh Lanta.



Go Dive Lanta is a one stop dive shop so please take a look at our one day diving trips or diving package . We have a package to suit everyone from the dedicated diver to the more laid back holiday diver.


What Dive Course should I learn?

Most people begin their Diving Education, 

Learn to dive with Open Water Diver Course, here in Koh Lanta and who knows you may stay and change your life! This takes three to four days depending on where you learn and qualifies you to dive to 18m with any other similarly qualified diver. 


Open Water Diver Course


If you don't have three or four days to learn then you can gain the Scuba Diver Course qualification in just two days and extend it to the Open Water Diver Course qualification when you have time.


Discover Scuba Diving Course / Try Scuba Dive


If you are unsure about whether you want to learn to dive then you have the option to do an introductory dive, Discover Scuba Diving Course or Basic Diver Program under the supervision of a qualified instructor. This will allow you to experience the feel of diving without committing to a course.


Advanced Diver Course


Once you have the license the next step is to improve your skills by taking the Advanced Diver Course. These courses allow you to hone and improve the skills you have learnt previously by practicing and applying new skills to a different dive environment.


Rescue Diver Course


Rescue Diver Course is all about prevention and solving problems that may occur, this is a great course where you learn a lot of skill that you hopefully would never need. This can be taking in combination with the Emergency Training course which covers first aid and CPR, O2 use and Using an AED



You can also take Specialty Programs to learn more about the type of diving that interests you.

After this whether you choose to just continue your education or start a whole new career, being a Dive Professional is a very gratifying experience! Besides all the fun you will have, becoming a Dive Professional is personally and financially rewarding.


The Dive Professional level program.

A Job with Life - Work - Balance and Career Opportunities Worldwide

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