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Join Snorkelling Koh Rok Trip (Ko Rok Nai/Nok) Koh Lanta Island, Krabi, Thailand

Day trip Snorkeling at Koh Rok (Ko Rok)

Trip : Koh Rok

Rating : ****

Depth :  5-30 m (15-100 ft)

Visibility : 5-15 m (15-50 ft)

Suitable : All levels of Scuba divers and Snorkelers.


Ko Rok's scuba diving highlights.
Dubbed as Mother Nature’s greatest accomplishment, enchant the eye with pristine hard corals.


'Rok Islands’ or Koh Rok glistening turquoise is so crystal clear that one can easily see colorful coral reefs down under, inviting us to take a plunge and explore an intimate, deep-sea experience that is just perfect for snorkeling. Bordering Krabi and Trang seas, the island was previously difficult to travel to and the result is the well-preserved, unspoiled nature. Rok Islands contains two islands separated by a narrow waterway: Rok Nok and Rok Nai. The attention-grabbing sand dune, surrounding the waterway, has become every visitor’s ultimate snapshot of the voyage.


Before book Join Snorkelling Koh Rok Trip


To enroll in a Snorkeling Trip : Koh Rok

  • You need to be in good physical health.

  • Need to confirm and check sized for the snorkeling gear at least the day before the trip.


This is the user agreement which governs your use of this website and the purchases by you of the services and products we provide. Not all of the products or services we provide are supplied by us, therefore the contract for the product and/or service will be between you and that third party supplier. 3rd party services include snorkeling services Although we do our best to select reliable 3rd party services we cannot accept responsibility for the level of service or quality of service.


Please Remember : Taking Join Snorkelling Koh Rok Trip.

You will need to stay on Koh Lanta at least 3 Days 2 Nights.

Please find your accommodation here.


How to getting to Koh Lanta? If you need transfer service

please find more detail about transfer here.


Snorkeling Site : Koh Rok เกาะรอก (Ko Rok)

Snorkeling Site : Koh Rok Nok (Ko Rok Nok or Koh Rok Yai or Ko Rok Yai)



The center of Koh Rok having beautiful white and very firm sandy beach stretching from the head to the tip of the island of crystal clear water. Just wear the snorkel and dive to see the undersea world of the fertile coral reefs of many species, groups of fish and the giant clam. Behind Koh Rok is the trail to Thalu Bay of stone beach all over the island with the way up to Pha Samet Daeng Viewpoint to see the scenery farther to Koh Lanta.

The only human’s interference on Koh Rok Nak is the Ranger Station of Lanta Archipelago National Park that serves as a beachside residential area, restaurants and camping spot at Man Sai Bay. It is also where tents and bedding gears are available for rents. The quiet Man Sai Bay is also home to land hermit crabs, which allows visitors to engage in a contribution activity, “Land Hermit Crab’s Home” in which participants will leave empty shells on the beach so the crabs can make their homes out of them.

This is a good site at all depths. The diving is around the southern coast, eading slightly northeast. This is also a reasonable snorkelling site, since conditions are almost always calm. The reef slopes gently and there are lots of hard corals, including brain and table staghorn, and many barrel sponges. The reef fish are reasonably plenteous; they include banner fish, large schools of moorish idols, a good variety of anemonefish and on occassion, turtles. Away for the reef, large barracuda, tuna and jacks pass by.


Daily Rates are Inclusive of :


  • ​Snorkeling Gear

  • Life Jacket

  • Tour Guide

  • Group insurance cover 1,000,000 THB

  • Round transfer Hotels on Koh Lanta/Pier


On The Speed Boat

  • Thai Favorite Lunch Menu

  • Seasonal fruit

  • Drinking water

  • Soft drinks


Daily Rates are Exclusive of :


  • Alcoholic drinks


National Marine Park Fee :

The National Marine Park Fee will be added to your bill and is payable on or before the day of the trip. If your trips are not within the National Marine Park then you do not need to pay the Fee.


Trip : Join Snorkeling Koh Rok itinerary


Arrival Day : Sign up at Go Dive Shop 1 day before start trip.


Snorkeling Day Trip : On the Speed Boat by Opal Travel

08:00 - 09:00 AM. Pick up from your Hotels & Resorts

09:10 AM. Departure from Koh Lanta to Koh Rok

10:40 AM. Arrive at Koh Rok Nok for Snorkeling (40 mins)

11:10 AM. Move to another Snorkeling Spot (40 mins)

11:50 AM. Go to Had Man Sai the national park office of Koh Rok Nok

12:00 AM. Buffet Lunch on the beach,

01:00 PM. After lunch relaxing, sunbathing and walking around the island

02:00 PM. Move to another Snorkeling Spot (40 mins)

03:00 PM. Leave from Koh Rok to Koh Lanta

04:00 PM. Boat arrive to Speed Boat Jetty


Remark :

** All itineraries & schedules are weather permitting, sea conditions, currents, tide, minimum numbers and may change without prior notice as the boat captian see fit.

*** Rates are only valid for bookings paid via internet!.



Looking for Private Boat Trips?

Our Speed boats are available for private charter for those special occasions.


Snorkeling Site : Koh Rok Nai (Ko Rok Nai or Koh Rok Noi or Ko Rok Noi)









Despite having small beach area at the east, Koh Rok Nai has the outstanding skin diving area particularly in front of San Chao Beach where some boats will stop to let the tourists spend some times diving.  The southern of Koh Rok Nai around the wall you may see morays, lionfish, invertebrates and nudibranchs, plus many zigzag oysters.

At the southwest further around the headland you come across a terrain of big boulders that extends all the way to the cliff face. This section is interestion in that a freshwater stream has, because of its high iron content, coloured the rocks bright orange; for the same reson, though healthy coral growth is restricted. Waterfall site flowing down the narrow stone channel into the sea but having the water only in the rainy season or at the beginning of winter.

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