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Hotels/Resorts/Guesthouses/Hostels/Rooms/Villas : Koh Lanta Island, Krabi, Thailand

Hotels/Resorts/Guesthouse/Hostel/Villas Koh Lanta?

Koh Lanta has a wide selection of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. You can check it out by yourself which one suit your group. 


So if your primary objective in visiting Koh Lanta is diving, it may make sense for you to stay in the north of the island at Saladan, Kaw Kwang Beach or Klong Dao Beach or Long Beach that mean you don’t need to wake up early. We recommend to stay in Hotels and Resorts close to our dive centre. 


However even you stay faraway, We are happy to pick you up wherever you stay on the island.

  • Saladan Town : Walking Distance 

  • Kaw Kwang Beach : 5 mins by taxi

  • Klong Dao Beach : 5 mins by taxi

  • Long Beach or Pra Ae Beach : 10-15 mins by taxi 

  • Klong Khong Beach : 20 mins by taxi

  • Klong Tob Beach : 25 mins by taxi

  • Klong Nin Beach : 30 mins by taxi

  • Klong Hin Beach : 45 mins by taxi

  • Kantiang Bay :  50 mins by taxi

  • Klong Jak Bay : 55 mins by taxi

  • Bamboo Bay : 60 mins by taxi

  • Lanta Old Town : 45 mins by taxi

  • Lang Sot : 20 mins by taxi

  • Mai Kaew : 30 mis by taxi 


Recommended Hotels / Resorts / Guesthouse / Hostel / Villas / Room

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