Krabi Airport / Krabi Town: Transfer From/To Koh Lanta Island, Go Dive Lanta, Krabi, Thailand

Krabi Airport / Krabi Town : Transfer from/to Koh Lanta Island


Koh Lanta is located on the Andaman Coast in the south of Krabi province. The most common way to travel to Koh Lanta from Krabi Airport / Krabi Town


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Option 1 : Express Transfer (Join Van+Speed Boat) 900-1,800 THB/Person


Krabi KBV - Koh Lanta - Krabi KBV
Adult from THB 1,800 / Child from THB 900
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The Koh Lanta Express Transfer price included:

  • A 45 to 60 minute air conditioned minivan journey from Krabi Airport to the speedboat pier.

  • You then go on board the speedboat which then takes you on a stunning boat ride across the water along the coastline of Koh Lanta.

  • The journey takes around 15 minutes depending on weather and conditions.

  • You arrive in Saladan on Koh Lanta, where you are then transferred to your hotel by car. Koh Lanta is a long Island and depending on where you stay will depend on your journey time, it can range from a 10 minute drive to a 1 hour drive.


Option 2 : Private Van 2,300 THB/Van/Way Maximum 6 Person + Luggage


Krabi - Koh Lanta - Krabi
6 Person+Luggage / From THB 2,300
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A private minivan will pick you up from Krabi airport / from the hotel or guesthouse in Krabi Town or Krabi Bus Station.  The minivan driver will be waiting at the prearranged spot with your name on our welcome card. The minivan is large and can accommodate maximum 6 people + luggages. When you get close  to Koh Lanta the minivan drives onto the car ferry, taking you to Koh Lanta Noi 6km later you reach the other side of Koh Lanta Noi and the minivan drives over the bridge to Koh Lanta Yai. Your private minivan transfer service to Koh Lanta will drop you at your hotel.

It’s very easy and stress free – once you meet the driver and get into the minivan, you don’t have to do anything else…within a short time you’ll be your Koh Lanta hotel reception.


Option 3 : Taxi from Krabi Airport / Krabi Town & Boat Ferry THB 350-450/Person


Krabi Town - Koh Lanta - Krabi Town
Adult from THB 450 / Child from THB 350
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Krabi Airport >> Krabi Town >> Koh Lanta

You can ask at the counter tour at the Airport  / counter tour at the hotel or guesthouse for Taxi to The Ferry Pier in Krabi town. Please check the price at counter tour.


The ferry leaves from Klong Jilad Passenger Ferry Pier about 5 km. outside Krabi Town / Kongka Passenger Ferry Pier in Krabi Town to Saladan Passenger Ferry Pier in Koh Lanta.

  • Depart at 11:00 – Arrive 13:00 (Kongka Passenger Pier)

  • Depart at 11:30 – Arrive 13:30 (Klong Jilad Passenger Pier)
    ​(Stopping at Koh Jum / Koh Pu on the way)


Koh Lanta >> Krabi Town >> Krabi Airport

The ferry leaves from Ban Saladan Passenger Ferry Pier in Koh Lanta to Klong Jilad Passenger Ferry Pier / Kongka Passenger Ferry Pier

  • Depart at 08:00 – Arrive 10:00 (Kongka Passenger Pier)

  • Depart at 08:30 – Arrive 10:30 (Klong Jilad Passenger Pier)

  • Depart at 11:00 – Arrive 13:00 (Kongka Passenger Pier)
    ​(Stopping at Koh Jum / Koh Pu on the way)


Remember :

Please bear in mind that if your arrival time is late in the day, the local minibus or public passenger ferries scheduled for Ko Lanta may not always be available.

  • Check in 30 mins before departure time.


Option 4 : Public Van 400 THB/Person/Way Maximum 13 Person + Luggage



Public Mini Van Will be the same way with private van but many people in the mini van and we are not arrange because if your flight delay, you must pay for the van you miss it and also you need to pay for a new van to come to Koh Lanta again. If you would love this option please check at the counter tour at the Airport and make sure that van going direct to Koh Lanta.


Option 5 : Rent a car from Krabi Airport


Go Dive Lanta is situated in Ban Saladan.


Once you arrive on Koh Lanta, finding the dive shop is very easy. our diveshop located in the heart of Saladan Town (Ban Saladan),

When you arrive at the passenger pier (Saladan Pier) turn right and walk along the road maybe 300 meters. our shop on the right side.


If you come from the resort, their is only one main road into Saladan. When you arrive at the north end of the road, turn left, the shop of Go Dive Lanta is located on the right side of this road maybe 200 meters.


If you come with Private Van or Share Mini Van, Please let the driver to send you at Go Dive Lanta Shop in Saladan Town.Visit the Go Dive shop for more information. It would be great to see you! Please call if you need further directions - The number below.


Go Dive Lanta โกไดฟ์ เกาะลันตา

6 Moo. 1 Saladan, Koh Lanta, Krabi, 81150 THAILAND

Office hours : 8:00 AM. - 8:00 PM. (Oct - Apr)

Phone : +6675-668-321, Fax : +6675-668-320 
Mobile : +6681-892-8321
WhatsApp & Line : +6681-892-8321
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